Physiotherapy Service

Conditions Treated

Occupational Therapy

Milieu Therapy

Also known as Situation Therapy, Milieu Therapy is a planned treatment environment in which everyday events and interactions are therapeutically designed for the purpose of enhancing social skills and building confidence. This helps our residents as we use daily routines, predictable activities and rules to ensure mental fitness.

Planting & Fish Rearing

This is the main highlight in milieu therapy here in Green Avenue as residents are encouraged to participate in the above mentioned activities. Through these activities, our residents are physically active and mentally alert.

Reminiscences Corner

This form of therapy works by sifting through their past and making them jog their memories, hence mentally challenging them but in a fun and relaxing environment. Here in Green Avenue, our corner is stocked with old relics which will be sure to spark a conversation of the past.

Games Therapy

Essentially a form of cognitive therapy which is especially effective for the elderly, Games Therapy engages them mentally. It helps in exercising the brain, stimulating memory skills, hand-eye coordination and helps them gain control over many certain brain functions that reduce with age. In Green Avenue, we have a ready selection of board and card games as well as mahjong to entice them to participate out of their own free will.